Republicans Are Destroying Democracy

After eight years of the union-busting, anti-education Scott Walker, Wisconsin voters handed over the keys to the Governor’s mansion to a Democrat. However, before Democratic Governor-Elect Tony Evers can take power, Republicans have been busy stripping the incoming governor of the power he needs to enact an agenda backed by the popular will of the voters. Due to extreme gerrymandering, the GOP will maintain its outsized majority in Wisconsin’s state legislature despite only winning a minority of voters statewide.

This craven abuse of power by a defeated political party is not without precedent. Republicans in North Carolina did the same thing to an incoming Democratic governor back in 2016. All across the country, Republicans have put their hatred for Democrats above even the insincere appearance of a commitment to democracy by passing various laws aimed at suppressing the vote.

Speaking of North Carolina, the state’s board of elections is refusing to certify the results of the 9th congressional district election due to widespread voter fraud. Republican Mark Harris is in hot water over hiring shady political operative and convicted felon Leslie McCrae Dowless even after being warned about him. Dowless’ criminal record includes felony fraud, perjury and a misdemeanor charge for passing a worthless check. Dowless is now accused of messing with absentee ballots. The unofficial results show Harris ahead by just 905 votes, so election fraud could have changed the outcome.

Meanwhile, in Arizona the will of the voters is also being disregarded. Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey is reportedly considering appointing defeated Republican Senate candidate Martha McSally to the Senate to fill the seat currently held by retiring Republican Sen. Jon Kyl.  Arizona voters made history by electing Democrat Kyrsten Sinema over McSally back in November. It was the first Democratic victory for an open Senate seat in the Grand Canyon State since 1976, but demonstrative of how changing demographics are making once ruby-red conservative strongholds more competitive. McSally’s appointment to the Senate is a slap in the face to the majority of Arizonians who specifically rejected her and the GOP’s racist and disastrous policies.

The GOP is a party in decline, clinging to its dwindling and depressed rural base as the country becomes increasingly urbanized. They have resorted to cheating to hold on to power, and so far that strategy has been successful, but it won’t work forever.

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