The Border is Fine, The President Is A Liar

President Trump made a prime-time televised address Tuesday night to lie to the American public. I didn’t watch it, and I didn’t have to in order to know I would be disappointed. Before I looked at what fact-checkers said, I knew enough about this President to know it was chock full of lies, and I was right. He used a teleprompter, so the lies came out more coherently, but it was no doubt a steady stream of lies.

For the last few days, White House staffers have been making their rounds on all the political shows, lying for the President. The lies were so egregious that the Sarah Huckabee Sanders even got called out on Fox News, which is basically state-run TV in the Trump era.

I’m not going to break down Trump’s speech. There was actually zero news that came from it- no new policies and no developments on the shutdown. Border crossings are at a historic low, and immigrants – even undocumented ones – are less likely to be criminals than the native-born population.

Trump dangled the possibility that he might spark a constitutional crisis by declaring a “national emergency” to go around Congress in Tuesday’s announcement. The networks fell for the ruse, so they gave him airtime. This dishonesty is unsurprising coming from a man who lied about Mexico paying for a wall, lies about there being a “crisis” at the border, lies about immigrants being criminals, and just generally lies.