Right-Wingers Triggered By Gillette Commercial

Razor company Gillette recently launched an ad tackling the subject of toxic masculinity and challenging men to be better. From the right-wing freakout though, you would have thought they sodomized Jesus.

“The only people applauding @Gillette are social justice warriors who believe the solution to all the world’s problems is for men to act less like men and more like women,” screeched conservative Barbie Tomi Lahren on Twitter. “Well here’s a newsflash- women are also capable of bullying each other, harassing each other AND men!” Former CNN host and bloviating twitter troll Piers Morgan, a lifelong Gillette user, also turned on the company. “This absurd virtue-signalling PC guff may drive me away to a company less eager to fuel the current pathetic global assault on masculinity,” he posted. On YouTube, the ad has 937,000 dislikes and only 498 likes as of Thursday night.

This “attack on men” was actually a call for men to reject bullying, sexism, and sexual harassment. “We believe in the best in men,” says the narrator in the nearly two-minute ad- hardly a harsh indictment on the male species.

Still, opinions on the ad split along predictable partisan lines, with a Morning Consult poll showing Democrats approving of the ad and Republicans hating it. Many objectors even took to social media promising to boycott Gillette products.

More than a backlash against Gillette, this is a backlash by small, pathetic men. They don’t want a culture of consent because they rely on drunk or insecure women who can’t say no in order to have any kind of sex life. These men don’t want women to be listened to in the workplace because then their own mediocrity would be exposed. They don’t want to end bullying because they established a fragile sense of self-worth from tearing others down. They’re kind of guys who describe themselves as “alpha males” while knowing deep down that’s far from true.

In short, the people rushing to defend “masculinity” are little boys, not men.